Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter (a few days late)

OK, so I have come to terms with the fact that I am TERRIBLE with the whole blogging thing. I just never seem to be able to sit down long enough to post anything. Oh well, here’s one for April...

I made Lissy an Easter dress! Look how cute! I found a free pattern/tutorial at Made by Rae here. It was only written for brand new babies, though, so I took a dress of Lissy’s and made myself a pattern with it. Super easy, and it fit perfectly! The only thing I would have changed is to shorten the ties at the straps. They were a bit too long and so they looked a little wonky. I completed it off with a diaper cover from Made. Nothing cuter than a baby butt!

DSCF1685 DSCF1828

It ended up raining on Sunday morning (like EVERY Easter) but I found a preemie sized white sweater in her closet (yes I know she’s 10 months old).

And what mother, who goes through the trouble of making an Easter dress, could NOT make a matching tie for her son?? Oh yes I did! I’m that kind of cool. Of course, he refused to wear it to church, but I got him to wear it for a few pictures. Don’t mind the chocolate drool stains all over the front of his nice shirt- we’re six.


SOOOO cheesy cute!


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  1. Great job with the dress AND matching tie!!! Soooo adorable- love the pictures. And I wouldn't have even noticed the drool had you not mentioned it! :)