Sunday, March 18, 2012

11/52: Beauty in the Everyday Details

I have to admit. I put no thought into this week's photo. After the week I had, I really felt no inspiration for photography what so ever. But after going through my SD card tonight, I found a shot that I thought, could kind of  work for the theme:


And then I started thinking...
I get so focused on the BIG PICTURE. I work myself into a frenzy, sometimes, with the BIG PICTURE. My anxiety kicks in, thinking about all the things I have to get done, the dreams and aspirations I'd like to someday achieve, the projects I'd like to tackle. I worry about my children's futures, what they will become, whether we will be able to meet all of their growing needs. I worry about things that haven't happened yet...and probably never will.

I get so focused on the BIG PICTURE, that I often forget to stop and see all the beauty that is around me. These two precious kiddos of mine: here they are, growing up before my very eyes. Why, oh why, do I fret about the laundry and the dishes, and the dirty floors, and the 28 other children that don't even belong to me? This week's picture is a reminder to myself to stop and really see those everyday details. The rocks below my feet. The crushed dandelions that Littles brings me. The love between these two, even when they're bickering.

So this week, I'm challenging myself, amidst a crazy birthday-party-prepping/lesson-observation week, to slow down and appreciate the little moments. The bedtime stories before bed. The snuggles and hugs. The dandelions and rocks.

Have a great week, everyone.

Monday, March 12, 2012

10/52 and in need of a prayer...

Like a BIG prayer:

1)We've gotten hit again. This time by the most awful of flu bugs, I've ever had to encounter. I have NEVER in my life been so sick as I was on Saturday. It trickled through all of us one by one by one. And just when I thought little B had escaped, it hit him last night as we were finally tucked in for the night. Blahhhh. We're slowly on the mend, though none of us have much stomach for anything.

2)Upon my arrival at school today, I found my desk strewn with stuff. I stared, puzzled at the mish mash of items. Post-its, paperclips, staples, rotten strawberries...wait, what? Yes, rotten strawberries. Apparently some kids broke into our school and made a mess of things, stole 9 laptops, a few other personal belongings, some cash, and decided I'd get the rotten strawberries (yay, me!)

3)Upon my departure at school today, I discovered my new car, my BABY, had been brutally keyed along with 5-6 other teachers' cars. Like, all the way down to the base coat. I know, "it's just a car, Katie, it's just a car." But, ugh...

4)I'm expecting my pink slip to arrive Thursday, if not earlier. Please pray for God's will. I don't know what I want at this point.

Onto the fun... Here's some from our horrendous weekend. These were taken when Lissy was feeling better, Miles hadn't gotten hit, and mom was stuck on the couch. Ha!

And here's my entry for "Let's Do 52" The theme this week was "Monochrome Tones." Loved how this shot captured my girl's personality!

Anyhow...I feel like such a Debbie Downer (wah Waaahhh). This blog really wasn't meant to be my diary whiney whiney zone. I'll do better I promise. ;)

Off to bed! The nice thing is, there's always tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Week 9...Slaaaacker!

Wow, it's already Tuesday? Where has the time gone? I just realized I hadn't put up last week's picture. I'm so sleepy, and stressed, and blahhhh lately. Pray for me! I think God just needs to lay me off. I'm so done with being in limbo. My district's a mess and ugh...I'm just done. Sorry for the rant...

Anyway, pictures! I had SO much fun this week (in my photography world, that is). I have really been learning to shoot in manual as much as possible. And although, I end up with a gazillion throw-away shots, once I get the settings right, it's amazing and totally worth it! There were two themes this week: "Framed" and "Are you there, Spring?" I had a really hard time choosing which one to submit, so I'll show you both.

"Are you there, Spring?"

I was really happy with both, and although I think I'm a bit more proud of how the flower pic turned out, I opted against submitting it, since EVERYONE did flower shots. I'd been trying to get a sleeping picture of Liss for a really long time, but kept waking her up (such a light sleeper still!) but Saturday was my lucky day and  I was finally able to capture it. So sweet, and I thought the crib slats made the perfect "frame."

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