Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wiggly Jiggly Loose Tooth…

I had a loose tooth, a wiggly, jiggly loose tooth.
I had a loose tooth hanging by a thread…       
As he’s eating an apple one afternoon, Mr. B comes to me with a panic-stricken look on his face. Trying to hold back the tears, he tells me (half-hyperventilating) “Mom!!!”
Then the flood gates open.
Now, I’m a good mom. I have prepared my child for this. We have read books on this topic. Not just one - MULTIPLE books on this topic. He’s known this is coming. Even asks me periodically when he will lose a tooth. Wishes to the stars…prays to GOD that he would be next in his class to lose a tooth. Yet here he is, FREAKING out about a little loose tooth.
So, after calming the child down (he was convinced that there was something wrong with the apple) what else was I to do but make him a tooth fairy monster pillow? :)
We found a design he liked and started rummaging for supplies…
Transferred the design to some black fleece...
Cut out two circles each of white, green, and black felt for the eyes…
 DSCF0784 DSCF0785 DSCF0786
Cut some triangles of white for the SCAAARY teeth… and a strip of red for the mouth…
DSCF0787 DSCF0788
After stitching all of that and a green pocket on the back piece, I sewed it together and turned it inside out…
 DSCF0798 DSCF0803
Stuffed it, and hand stitched it closed…
Voila! A perfect little pillow!
Now, we’re just waiting on the tooth…
 DSCF0808 DSCF0809
  DSCF0810 DSCF0811


  1. So adorable! There must be a rash loose teeth! Olivia lost her first one last month, and the one right next to it is also loose! AND...we are on the same page- I have a pattern for a bear tooth holder that I'm going to try and finish in the next day or two, just in time for that next tooth. Olivia says to tell Miles it's not that bad! She said it didn't hurt, and not to worry! Advice from a seasoned veteran!

  2. Thanks. Miles says he's not scared anymore. ;)