Sunday, February 6, 2011

Easy Wall Art

I’m on a mission to beautify and personalize my house living room (let’s set realistic goals). I’ve always admired home decorating and love browsing Home Goods and other similar shops. For some reason though, decorating my own home has been very difficult for me. I think part of the problem is that I cannot come up with just one style that I like. I love so many themes, textures, colors, etc, that it’s always been simpler to just go with what I know: green and beige and boring. The thing is, that’s really not me. I like COLOR! I like texture! I like fun! And well, my home just doesn’t say that…yet.

So here’s my first baby step towards a more beautiful living space: wall art. Josh and I have always been drawn to black and white photography. It seems to go with everything and is readily available. So that’s what we had. Flowers. On our walls. Everywhere. And while they were nice prints, they weren’t speaking to me. But they did have one thing going for them – nice frames! So that’s where I started. I needed something vibrant and colorful and ME to go in those frames.

Couple that with my new found addiction love of fabric, and I was able to come up with something pretty cool (at least I think they’re cool, still working on the boys).


Simplest process ever!!! But first…

I have a new obsession – charm squares! Oh my goodness, a tiny little stack of perfection. 42 5 inch squares of coordinating fabrics for under $10? I think I’m in love…


This particular pack is Moda’s Central Park. Beautiful shades of purple, blue, orange, yellow, and the perfect green to blend with my couches. So lovely, and just the inspiration I needed to get me started.

I came up with a design I liked, sketched it out onto some green cardstock, and took my exacto knife to it. After cutting out the “leaves,” I did a little design around them with a thin black marker. Then I put different fabrics in each hole, and presto! Pretty pictures!


My next goal is pillows…but as I said, baby steps.


  1. So cute! And perfect for those little squares. I have some that I'm turning into napkins, but I love the wall art!