Monday, May 9, 2011

kcwc day 1:

Well, we’re off to a bumpy start. With all the things I had to do today, I didn’t get a whole lot done. And this one might be cheating, but it was a genuinely on my list, so I can now cross it off.

I now love this layered style of little boy shirts even more.  Here are a few of B’s cold weather shirts. Not bad- a little wrinkled, a few mud stains, but still fit! Last week we had a couple 90 degree days and so we were really digging for t-shirts that fit. Not many in there. So what’s a mama to do but get out her trusty Ginghers Fiskars?!

So I turned these:


To these:


Perfect for summer!  Of course, the wind kicked up today and it’s cold again…

Day 1 down…6 more to go! I’m hoping to have something more exciting to show tomorrow. :)

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