Thursday, May 19, 2011

Vote for ME!!!!

Well, for my shirt that is!

So one of my favoritist blogs, "Made by Rae" had a little spring top contest. It was some much-needed motivation to do some selfish sewing. I seriously hadn't sewn for myself since I was in the fourth (or so) grade and I made myself a fishy shirt with matching red hot pants...yeaaaah...
Don't mock me, I won first runner up at the county fair for those pants! I wish I had a picture!

So anyway, I made myself a couple tops from McCalls 5388. The first one, for practice, ended up being way too tight in the armpits.

It's funny, I actually really like this one. But see how it puckers in the armpits? Sad. :( I used some eyelet fabric that I bummed off of my mom on my last trip home. I think she had originally bought it with plans of a dress for me. That should tell you how old it is. It's 80's curtain fabric. I thought it would make great "practice fabric." Pretty hideous, until it's magically turned into a shirt! Then I loved it! 

So I tried again. This time with some pretty quilting fabric that I bought at JoAnn's for just this purpose. I adjusted the size of the pattern and redrew the armholes.

I love the pink and red polka-dots. And I love how my Grandma Dolly's red necklace looks with it. And I love the puffy sleeves. And I love the neckline. I think I love sewing for myself. :)

So vote for me! And I will love YOU forever!

"Bubblegum Happy"


  1. Consider yourself voted for! :) xoxo

  2. Love the top! Went to vote and then realized the contest was over. :( I love those red polka dots.