Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Lissy Bear!

  It has been 1 year since you graced this world with your  presence. 1 year since the doctor plopped this chubby, fuzzy, pink bundle into my arms and I breathed in your scent for the first time. 1 year since I fell in love all over again, so instantaneously.

So here’s a year in review for you to look back upon when you’re older, and actually care. Elise 1st year collage
At 1 week you refused to nurse, so mama had to pump and bottle feed you. That, and changing nasty black diapers consumed my entire day for 2 weeks. You slept a lot and looked like an absolute angel.  At 8 days old, I caught you rolling over on camera! Everyone believes you to be a prodigy.

At 1 month, the colic had set in. Mom mastered the art of the Dudu Wrap. You screamed when we held you. You screamed when we rocked you. You screamed when we laid you down. You screamed when we bounced on the big ball ,and practically yelled SHHHHHHH. You calmed down ONLY when you were strapped to mom, walking the neighborhood, and listening to Jack Johnson. Jack still soothes you, just like it did brother. Someday, I’ll personally thank that man.

At 2 months, the smiles started appearing and it’s a good thing too. The morning dimples somehow made up for all the evening screaming. You were also getting really good at holding your ginormous head up.

By 3 months, you really came “alive.” I loved that you recognize your mama! You found your thumb and haven’t let go. Your silly little expressions became a source of great entertainment. We laughed that you sound like a little Pterodactyl. RAWR!

At 4 months, you had your first Halloween and dressed up as a cute little pumpkin. You also had your first taste of rice cereal. Nom, nom nom! You’re really ticklish and LOVE your brother – he seems to be the only one to make you laugh.

At 5 months, you got your first tooth. And your second. And your third. (Just when I thought the colic was over.) You also started sitting up on your own and you are so proud of yourself! You had your first Thanksgiving and tasted cranberry sauce! Yummy!

At 6 months, you started crawling. You usually ended up stuck underneath the couch because you couldn’t move forward. You celebrated your first Christmas and met lots of new family members. You also slept through the night. Once.

By 7 months, you had 5 teeth. You mastered crawling and decided you weren’t content with that, so you began pulling yourself up to stand, and started walking along furniture. Mom and Dad start frantically baby proofing.

At 8 months, you love our field trips. Especially the park. You could swing all day. You were made to fly. That scares mom.

By 9 months, you try walking on your own, taking steps here and there. You wave at familiar faces and your face lights up when daddy walks in. When you wake up at 3 am, you cry “mamamama,” and my heart melts, so I give in again.

At 10 months, we suddenly realize that it’s not a fight to put you to bed anymore! We go to visit the grammas and poppas up in Humboldt, and celebrate Gramma Kris’s birthday. We also celebrate your first Easter at Great Grandma and Great Grandpa’s house.

At 11 months, you are our joy. You run after Brother, squealing with delight. You jump up and down when I get you up from your nap. You nap! You say “Da-ee!” and clap your hands when you see daddy. You “woof woof” at the dogs and “pthhtttt” at the candles. You sleep through the night on occasion, and still like to snuggle when you don’t. You get your first fever and cuddle with mom for an entire day.

I am in awe that in such a short amount of time, you have grown so much. You’ve gone from a formless little creature to an independent, carefree, jubilant little girl. You fill my heart with joy, and sometimes my head with fear. I am anxious to see what you will become, but I know better now, than to take these precious moments for granted. Even today, as you cried and cried, not wanting to go to sleep, I held you, and rocked you, and breathed in your smell, knowing you will never be this small again. And then I tucked Jack Johnson under your door so you could fall to sleep.

Happy Birthday, baby!


  1. AWWWWWW! That is so sweet! Love the pics...and love the birthday crown! :) Happy Birthday sweet Lissy!

    ps how did your contest entry go?

  2. Thanks girly! Contest, meh. LOL. I can't believe I got as far as I did!