Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pretty Ugly and Week 7/52

I have been sick for well over a week now. And although I don't think I'm getting much better, I've decided to buck up and ignore it until it goes away. The unfortunate thing is that my cough will not be ignored. And neither will my daughter, who was up 6 times last night screaming her little head off. She should be better, having had antibiotics for the last 5 days. Anyway...I'm off on a tangent.

Allowing myself a sick day on Thursday, I decided that I may as well take advantage of some daylight and take my weekly picture. This week's theme was "pretty ugly" or, "finding the beauty in something ugly." I sat for a while thinking about all the ugly things in my life. I thought about taking a self-portrait of my sad, cold-sored self. I thought about taking a picture of my overgrown litterbox of a back yard. I thought about snapping a shot of the overflowing kitchen trash can or the mountain of laundry in my bedroom. But in the end, I decided I couldn't really see any beauty in those things, so I opted for more "pretty" than "ugly."

I'm sure the "pretty" is obvious, but the "ugly" is the fact that this lovely skein of yarn is in a massive tangle of knots. This is also my first challenge shot that I've gotten to edit with PS5. I am In.Love. I seriously know nothing about this program, but it's slowly coming back to me and you can do so many great things with it. It's terribly addicting...

Anyway, have a great weekend friends. I am off in search of some painkillers and more cough syrup.

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  1. This bug is NASTY! We thought we were better, but it's back again. :P love the pic- hope you all get better soon!!!