Saturday, February 4, 2012

Week 5/52...YOU!

This week's photo challenge was to get out from behind the camera, something I never seem to do. I'm really not a fan of getting my picture taken. I always feel so goofy, unnatural, something...
So needless to say, this really WAS a challenge for me. I tried to set up my camera on the tri-pod and take some shots using the timer. Everything I got was terrible. Headless, out of focus, weird poses, the whole thing. So instead, I enlisted my friend Jalyne to help me out. We went out searching for the perfect spot, set up the camera, and had some fun. We got a lot of fun shots.

B even got to take a few shots. See the one in the far left corner? Yeah, that was the one he took right after he farted behind the camera. 

But in the end, I could only choose one to submit. Here it is. <3
My two love bugs cuddling with me. As painful or difficult as it may be to get out from behind the camera, it is so important to be able to have these memories. All too soon, these two will be off starting families of their own. I want them to be able to remember the times they had with their mom. And I think this one's a framer. :)

Wanna join the "Let's Do 52 Challenge"? 


  1. Totally a framer! You are SO beautiful friend :)

  2. Gorgeous shots- all of them! It must have been hard to pick. :) Now you just need to do a session with Josh, too!