Monday, February 13, 2012

Week 6/52: Linear

I've neglected to post this week's photo, because I'm REALLLLLY unhappy with it. But since the new challenge goes up today (and since if I don't post now, I probably won't next week either) I figured I'd better bite the bullet and do it.

This week's challenges were "chaos" and "linear." And although my house and life did feel a lot like "chaos" this week with the big return to school and this HORRIBLE bug hitting us, I didn't feel quite comfortable sharing all of that with the entire blogosphere. So, I went with "linear."  I had a lot of ideas: valentine conversation hearts, train tracks, pallets...but I kept returning to the simple (probably because of said chaos). Elise's most favorite time of day is bath time (funny, since she hated baths when she was small). And her favorite thing to do in the bath tub is line up her duckies and count them..."nah, he, un, see, do!" The concept was good. I wanted to focus on the ducks, not on Elise so that's what I did. But the lighting was bad. And then when I edited it, it just all fell apart and looked super grainy and well, awful. So sad...
But I didn't have the time, or the energy, to try to re-shoot and re-edit the shot, so that's what I got. We win some, we lose some. BUT...on another note. I got my new lens this week and I LOVE it. And I've been trying really hard to figure out shooting in manual. So last night when I mustered up the strength to bathe the kiddo again, I played around a bit. So, as to not end on a bad picture, here's one I love. This is her Betty Boop face.

I love how she's posing with her little belly sticking out and her hands almost on her hips. I love how crisp her eyes are and the look she's giving, because that's HER to a tee. 

I bought Photoshop this weekend. Still waiting for the authorization from Journeyed so I can actually open it, but it should happen today! Yikes, a new program to play with and grades due in a week and a half. Not. Good. Have a great week everyone!

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  1. That's so cute- she's got her ducks in a row! And that picture isn't bad at all (I'm on my phone, and it looks good to me!). :) So sassy in the second picture- very cute!!! And, we have had that horrible bug for the last two weeks- I'm so done!